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WD-40 Fast Release Penetrant

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WD-40® Specialist Fast Release Penetrant spray specifically targets corroded or rusted components and mechanisms. It’s formula loosens stuck or seized parts quickly and easily.

With an extremely low surface tension, the penetrant lubricant effectively cuts through rust, seams and tightly-bonded threads to easily saturate and lubricate seized fixings. Highly water resistant, it actively displace moisture that may be disrupting smooth movement, and can be used as a preventative to prohibit the build up of rust and corrosion in the future.

Specialist Fast Release Penetrant works in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +90°C and on materials such as metal, rubber, plastics, alloys and most paints. Its Smart Straw and 360° valve allows it to be used precisely at all angles, and the capillary action of the formula means it can reach tight and hard to reach spaces.

Features and Benefits
• Quickly penetrates and releases rusted or corroded parts, seized fixings and mechanisms
• Lubricates to prevent rust and corrosion
• Highly water-resistant and actively displaces moisture
• Low surface tension formula
• Smart Straw and 360° valve allow coverage in hard-to-reach places

Typical Applications
• Fixings
• Fasteners
• Fasteners
• Construction
• Mechanical
• Metal protection

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