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Auto-Freeze Air-Con ReCharge


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*COLLECTION IN STORE ONLY- Shipping of these canisters is NOT possible*

This cylinder may top up the A/C system up to 3 times.

Fast & Easy- STP’s Advanced Additive Package Accurately Restores A/C Cooling:

  • Replaces refrigerant and oil lost by your A/C system
  • US Patented ICE 32 Chemistry- extends compressor life, provides maximum cooling power and cold air fast
  • Extends A/C life- by reducing compressor wear
  • Recovery System-Safe Leak Sealant- safely seals common A/C leaks in rubber hoses, gaskets & O-rings when used as directed

THIS RECHARGE CYLINDER HAS A SURCHARGE OF £10. The empty bottle MUST be returned after usage.

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