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Comma Xstream G64 Concentrated Coolant

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Glysantin® G64® is specifically designed for modern downsized engines and diverse agricultural engines.

This product employs a robust organic acid technology fortified with silicates and phosphates. Glysantin® G64® is a coolant that offers excellent protection from corrosion and long life performance even under the highest thermal loadings of a modern engine.
Glysantin® G64® is an ethylene glycol based antifreeze and coolant, containing an inhibitor package based on salts of organic acids, phosphate and silicate (PSi-OAT coolant). Free of nitrites, amines and borates, it protects against corrosion, overheating and freezing.
Glysantin® G64® is a concentrated coolant which must be diluted before use. Typical service life of up to 5 years. Safeguarded with bittering agent to help prevent accidental ingestion.

Service Classification: This Engine Coolant Concentrate conforms to the requirements of: BS 6580:2010

Official approvals:

Glysantin® G64® by BASF is approved by:

Volvo cars TR-31854114-002, SAME engines, SAME – Tractors, DEUTZ-FAHR – Tractors, HÜRLIMANN – Tractors, LAMBORGHINI TRACTORS – Tractors, MAN Turbo & Diesel, DEUTZ DQC CC-14 – Worldwide
Also suitable for: Industrial usages, Mining equipment and Generators.

Size is 2ltr

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