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ValetPRO Blue Contamination Removal Bar 250G


Please note: Yellow & Orange Bars are TO ORDER only – please call us for more information.

Blue Contamination Bars in stock!


We have three different types of contamination removal bar. Essentially they all do the same thing. They remove bonded contamination from paint surfaces that can’t be removed by normal washing. Tar spots, fall out, bonded traffic  film and tree sap. As the bar glides over the paint surface bonded contaminates stick to the bar and are gently removed from the paint work. If your paint work feels rough after washing, try a contamination removal bar and feel the difference. Orange and Yellow can be used with water making them cost efficient. Blue are our most effective bar, designed generally for full detailing work to quickly and effectively remove contamination. Use this bar with Citrus Bling followed by Purple Passion for showroom results.


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