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Poorboy’s World Vanilla Air Freshener


Poorboys Vanilla Scent Air Freshener fills your cockpit with the the scent of delicious soft vanilla.

If your vehicle looks and feels clean, it should smell clean, too. Poorboys Vanilla Scent Air Freshener will freshen the air inside your vehicle with pleasant, not-too-strong fragrance. Cover up foul smells or just enhance your driving experience with this nice soft aroma.

This water-soluble spray fragrance will freshen up stale air, by both deodourizing & removing bacteria thatwill leave your car with a great smelling interior. Poorboy’s World Air Fresheners are formulated to smell as good as any top line fragrance but with a budget-friendly price. Poorboys World air fresheners are perfect for any car care enthusiasts or professional detailers.

Simply mist Poorboys Vanilla Scent Air Freshener   onto seats or footwells to give a long lasting fresh fragrance.



Poorboy’s World air fresheners and Deodorizers give you a high quality product at a budget friendly price! Our air fresheners are water based and have odor eliminators and neutralizers, so you’re not just covering up the odor, you are eliminating it! Finish off a perfect detail with a fresh scent from Poorboy’s World.

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