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Poorboy’s World Pina Colada Air Freshener


Poorboy’s Pina Colada Air Freshener with Trigger Spray Nozzle – 16oz / 473ml

Poorboys Pina Colada Scent Air Freshener is a water based air freshener and deodoriser leaving the rich smell of fresh cherries!

The product contains odour eliminators and neutralisers which allow you to eliminate the odour not mask it.

Poorboys Pina Colada Scent Air Freshener lasts about a week.


Can be used neat via Spray Trigger or diluted.

Ideal for spraying roof linings, foot wells, seats or the boot. Can be used in or outside the home.

Can also be used in the screen wash to give a subtle fragrance.

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Poorboy’s World air fresheners and Deodorizers give you a high quality product at a budget friendly price! Our air fresheners are water based and have odor eliminators and neutralizers, so you’re not just covering up the odor, you are eliminating it! Finish off a perfect detail with a fresh scent from Poorboy’s World.

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