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Poorboy’s World Slick & Foam Foaming Pre-Soak Shampoo


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Poorboys World Super Slick and Wax was intended for those in colder climates where a small bit of protection will be added during the car wash; although it can also be used in warm climates too for those who want to extend the life of their favourite liquid or paste wax products.

Poorboys Super Slick & Wax will gently wash the dirt and grime away with lubricants, emulsifiers, & wax with plenty of suds too. It will work well with a hand bucket wash or with a foam gun. Concentrated shampoo with wax pH Neutral Unlike harsh shampoos that can strip wax, Poorboys Super Slick & Suds preserves it and even adds to it. Loosens and lubricates road salt, dirt, and debris without removing the existing paint protection.

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Weight 1.5 kg