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Holts Non-Metallic Red Spray Paint




Holts Original Equipment Paints have been developed to match vehicle manufacturer’s finishes and are suitable for use on metal, plastics, wood, and fibre glass. Holts OEM Paints may be used with other paints and primers, butfor the best results prime with Holts OEM Primer. We stock a large range of shades of this colour- please use the dropdown menu to select your shade.

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Weight 0.7 kg
Non-Metallic Red

LT43C, HDRE01, HDRE03, HDRE04, HDRE05, HDRE06, HDRE07, HDRE08, HRE01, HRE02, HRE03, HRE04, HRE05, HRE06, HRE07, HRE08, HRE09, HRE10, HRE11, HRE12, HRE13, HRE14, HRE15, HRE17, HRE18, HRE19, HRE20, HRE21, HRE22