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Lake Country Foam Finessing Pad Black 140x22mm


  • Soft finishing pad spreads your favorite wax or sealant
  • 6.5” hook & loop pad fits any 6” backing plate on your machine polisher
  • Lake Country CCS Closed Cell Structures holds polish and wax at the surface
  • CCS Pads keep more product working for you, not stuck inside the foam
  • Flat pad profile improves operator control, prevents pad skipping, and creates less heat
  • OEM approved for use with waxes, sealants, and glazes

About The Black Finishing Pad

The Black Finishing Pad has a soft and plush feel, perfect for spreading the perfect coat of your favorite paste wax, synthetic sealants, cream wax, or gloss-enhancing glaze. Use this large 6.5” pad on your favorite DA machine polisher and 6” backing plate to quickly wax the paintwork or plastic on extra large flat panels, windshields, or windows on your car. This flat pad provides full contact with paint surface to minimize the pressure applied by the user for a scratch and swirl-free finish as you spread your favorite finishing wax.

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