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Granite- Durable Hybrid Paint Sealant Cream


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Granite is a hybrid paint sealant consisting of a blend of polymers along with a hybrid wax/sealant, which contains the chemical properties of both in a single molecule. Granite will create a strong bond to your paint work and offer protection for up to one year on a well-maintained vehicle.

Granite offers superior water behaviour to other products with its fantastic beading and sheeting performance. Granite offers not only fantastic protection but also a silky smooth finish accompanied by a superb glossy finish.

Features and Benefits :

  • 12 Months Protection
  • Incredible Water Behaviour
  • Glossy Finish


How to Use:
Shake product well before application.
Prepare the vehicle surface before application using Eliminator Panel wipe.  Use granite with a foam or microfibre applicator and begin to spread a thin layer evenly concentrating on individual panels at a time, using overlapping straight lines.

Granite then needs to cure to a slight haze and then can be buffed away using a plush EZ Korean microfibre cloth. If patching occurs apply a second coat.

Granite can also be applied via a DA or Rotary Polisher by using a finishing pad, apply sparingly without pressure, treating one panel at a time.

Detailers Tip:

Apply two coats for a superior finish, durability and beading!

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