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Car To Car Charger/Jumpstart




  • ERFORM EMERGENCY JUMPSTARTS QUICKER: This car-to-car jumpstarter kit from Streetwize can jumpstart vehicles without having to open the bonnet or use booster cables. It jumpstarts via the vehicle’s 12V socket.
  • SIMPLE-TO-USE: Just connect the jumpstart kit to both the donor vehicle’s 12V socket the recipient vehicle’s 12V socket to perform the jumpstart. The kit features an easy-to-read digital display that shows the recipient vehicle’s battery information. It also has a 6m cable for straightforward connectivity between the vehicles and the console itself can be angled to suit.
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST VEHICLES: It can perform jumpstarts on a variety of vehicles including small & large cars and vans.
  • FAST CHARGING: This kit can also help to charge flat 12V batteries in minutes.
  • SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION: Prevents damage to both vehicle’s electrical systems.

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